About Portland Columbia Symphony

The mission of the Portland Columbia Symphony is to present quality performances of standard, worthy but rarely performed, and new orchestral works, through the presentation of national, regional, and local composers, soloists, and musicians in concerts and outreach settings September through May. Its primary goal is to gather artists and audiences in friendly, affordable, and accessible concert experiences that spark authentic engagement and deepen peoples' connections to classical music. PCSO seeks to amplify the audience experience through the design of culturally and locally relevant programming, an inclusive narrative, and educational programs that engage all corners of our community.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are among our core values, as we seek to build an inclusive narrative both programmatically and operationally. Committed to creating space on-stage for composers of color, non-male composers, and living composers, more than 25% of the upcoming season's programming reflects under-represented composers.


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Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1982 as a community orchestra by Jerry Luedders at Lewis and Clark College.

PSU Professor John Trudeau then led the orchestra for fourteen years. Under his guidance, PCSO evolved from an all-volunteer community orchestra into a semi-professional metropolitan orchestra, with over 90 percent of the orchestra's 70+ members being professional musicians.

Huw Edwards served as Music Director and Conductor for twelve seasons (2000-2012).

Having flourished and matured artistically over the past 38 seasons, it is now composed of many of the finest musicians in the metropolitan Portland community.