Concerto for Simply Grand Piano and Orchestra
By P.D.Q. Bach

Performed By dynamic pianist
Jeffrey Biegel

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Portland Columbia Symphony presents the Oregon premiere of co-commissioned piano concerto by P.D.Q. Bach, aka Peter Schickele, the "21st of J.S. Bach's 20 Children". Concerto for Simply Grand Piano and Orchestra performed by the dynamic pianist Jeffrey Biegel is not to be missed!

"In 2002 Jeffrey Biegel approached Peter Schickele to consider composing a new work for piano and orchestra as P.D.Q. Bach for Jeffrey to perform. Peter was too busy, and sadly declined....Jeffrey decided to give it one more try in 2015. In his own words, Peter said, 'If I don't do it now, I never will!'. Hence, I created the P.D.Q. Bach commissioning project. I was not sure how many orchestras and donors would agree to join this mission, but alas, fifteen orchestras", including Portland Columbia Symphony, "and many devout followers of P.D.Q. Bach joined the cause! Jeffrey never dreamed as a young musician in the 1970s that in 2016, I would bring a new piano concerto to the public composed for me by P.D.Q. Bach! I am honored and delighted to bring this new Concerto for Simply Grand Piano and Orchestra to audiences in the USA and Europe during the 2016-17-18 seasons!"

The winner of the first PCSO/
Cascadia Composers Competition
by David S. Bernstein

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David S. Bernstein, winner of the first PCSO/Cascadia Composer Competition. A native of Boston, he is a graduate of the Florida State University School of Music with bachelor's and master's degrees; he earned his doctorate in music in 1974, with distinction, from the Indiana University School of Music.

David Bernstein has been active for many years in related activities such as conducting, narrating, teaching, lecturing, administrating, producing and directing. In 1972 he joined the faculty of the University of Akron, where since 1983 he has been professor of music and chairman of the theory and composition department. He has traveled widely and given lectures on his and others' music in Poland, Canada, and half a dozen U.S. cities.


Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune

David S. Bernstein

   IV. Lucifera's Entourage
   V. Sansjoy and the Red Cross Knight


Concerto for Simply Grand Piano and Orchestra


Symphony No. 5

Friday, May 12, 2017 Sunday, May 14, 2017
7:30 pm 3:00 pm
Portland FUMC Mt. Hood Community College - Gresham, Oregon
(Directions) (Directions)

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