Betsy Hatton, Executive Director & Assistant Principal Violin II

                             Betsy Hatton (23K)              

Betsy Hatton was instrumental in formulating the by-laws, articles of incorporation, and five-year plan for CSO. She served on the long range planning committee that developed the first Board of Directors. She also served on the Board of Directors for six years and as President of the Board for two years.

Ms. Hatton graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages and Education. In addition to teaching, she has served as a consultant of major event planning for the March of Dimes and CorEvents.

Ms. Hatton began her musical studies at age twelve. She has been a violinist with CSO since 1986, and has played with the Portland Chamber Orchestra, Yaquina Orchestra, and Eugene Symphony. In addition to cooking and growing all her own spices and vegetables in her spare time, Betsy enjoys playing with her four young grandchildren.